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'Green' Interior Design

The world of green/sustainable Interior design can be overwhelming at times, rgk DESIGNS can ease the process by helping to pick out not only environmentally friendly but also occupant friendly and energy efficient products and technologies, improving indoor air quality, water and energy efficiency as well as overall occupant wellness. From low VOC paints and water saving fixtures to state of the art LED lighting, rgk DESIGNS can help navigate the green designscape. From small residential spaces to large corporate environments, rgk DESIGNS will be able to help achieve your 'green' environment.

Green Design Benefits:

- Protect our Ecosystem

- Reduce Water and Energy Use / SAVE money

- Minimize Waste

- Optimize the Life Cycle of the Interior Space / Building

- Minimize Strain on Local Infrastructure

- Improve Productivity

- Improve Occupants Comfort and Health

- Increase Occupants Overall Morale

Green Design can be as extensive or simple as appropriate for you and your space. From using low VOC paints on your next bathroom remodel to installing geothermal and wind turbines for your company headquarters. Green design can help economically, socially as well as spiritually. With green building costs coming down and benefits increasing, the time to incorporate green elements on your next project is now!

For commercial projects, you can rest assured you are working with a certified LEED professional who will help you achieve your goals of a greener tomorrow by helping you navigate the complexities of the green rating system. Residential clients will receive knowledgeable guidance in providing for a 'greener' home from specifications to acquiring a green residential rating.

Interested Homeowners who would like the DIY route can find excellent information from the REGREEN project, a partnership of USGBC and ASID. Residential 'Green' Remodeling Guidelines.

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'39% of U.S. Annual Energy is used by Buildings'

Green Design is a broad term but to rgk DESIGNS it means: 'designing with the environment and occupants wellness in mind'. Using green / sustainable products and techniques can only improve our future and well-being as a society. Less waste, improved energy efficiency and less toxicity can only help us sustain the very environment in which we enjoy such a comfortable life.

'GREEN' Product Spotlight...

'Millions of acres of forest have been devastated by the mountain pine beetle that spreads blue stain fungus. This blight takes over trees, killing them, and staining their wood a bluish gray. Due to the trees’ color, commercial loggers and commodity sawmills leave it behind. However, we support salvaging and utilizing this dead standing timber and highlighting its unique aesthetic.' | From TorZo Online

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